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Bail Bonds Richmond, Virginia | Henrico Bail Bonding Company

Bail Bonds Richmond, Virginia | Henrico Bail Bonding Company

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Getting a bail bond in Central Virginia can be a tricky process. Dealing with the criminal justice system can be difficult. That’s why you should let Henrico Bail Bonding handle all the details for you! For over 60 years Henrico Bail Bonding has been dedicated to our customers.  We work hard to make sure that those we bail out of jail  meet their obligations and stay out of jail.

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If you are looking for a company that can simply provide you with the best service processing bail bonds you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been providing 24 hours bail bonds services to the people of Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield, Hanover, Goochland, and the surrounding
counties for over 60 years.  Call us today and we will do all we can to help you, your friend, or relative get out of jail fast!

Payment Plans Available

Upon arrest anywhere in the state of Virginia, a person must be processed at the local county jail. In order to be released from jail, several steps must occur, including being booked and posting bail.  In Virginia the bail bondsman fee is regulated at 10%.  We believe no one should have to stay in jail because they can not pay the entire 10%. If you are not able to pay the full amount we will set up a payment plan that you can afford.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Hire Henrico Bail Bonding?

Henrico Bail Bonding is Richmond’s top rated bail bonds company.  With over 60 years Henrico Bail Bonding will make a difficult situation as easy as possible for you and your loved ones.

What can I do if my friend or relative was just arrested?

When a person is arrested, they have to go before a magistrate, who sets the amount of their bond. This is usually done very shortly after the person is brought to the jail. If you call us as soon as they are arrested, we can have them out very quickly.

What is a Cosigner?

The cosigner to the bail bond is the person who is held financially responsible if the individual fails to show up for their court dates. The bondsman and the court will require this person to pay all court costs and forfeit any collateral that is agreed to in the bail contract.

Will I get the money I paid to the Bail Bondsman Back??

No. You will lose that percentage of the bond paid to the bondsman in return for their services. If you paid a cash bond to the court you will get that money back when you show up for your court dates.

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Henrico Bail Bonding does business the old fashioned way…honest, reliable, and fast. I tried calling others first, but not one of them could compare to Henrico Bail Bonding. Stokes McCune, you are the best. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

James Hixs

Richmond, Va

Frequently Asked Questions

what is a bond?

A bond is the amount of money set by a judge or magistrate as a condition for the person’s release from jail. The bond is given with the condition that the person return to court for all court dates. The bond amount paid is returned to the person who paid it on the condition that the defendant meets their court dates. Otherwise, it is forfeited.

What is A surety bond?

A surety bond is a bond paid by a bondsman, like DJ’s Bail Bonds. The bondsman will pay your bail for you. The one condition is that you pay a percentage of that bond to him. If you do not show up for your court dates, it is the responsibility of the bondsman to bring you into court.

What is a cash Bond?

A cash bond is the bond that the defendant must be able to pay before he or she can be released. Most courts require you to pay the bond in cash or a money order. But some will accept checks or even credit cards.

How Bail Works In Virginia

To get an idea of how the bail bond process works in Virginia, we should start with what happens upon arrest anywhere in the state of Virginia. A person is usually processed at the local county jail. If you committed a minor offense and don’t have a prior track record of being a flight risk or danger to others, the court may decide to release you from jail through a process called ‘Own Recognizance,’ which is essentially a written promise by you that assures the court you will attend all court dates.

If you are not given the option for release via Own Recognizance in Virginia, in order to be released from jail, several steps must occur, including being booked and posting bail. Once the bail amount is decided, a bail bond agent can be hired to post bail at the local jail. Now the jail release process begins and typically takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to be completed.


Bail Bond Options In Virginia

In Virginia, you have the option to come up with the full bail amount if you want to avoid using a bail bondsman and the 10% fee that comes with their service. The full bail amount can be posted via cash, personal property, or real estate (land or home) in accordance to § 19.2-123 of the Code of Virginia. The value of the property must be equal or greater to the bail amount. Once there is a final disposition in court, you will be refunded the entire bail amount.

The reality is that most people can’t come up with the full bail amount in cash or via property, or they are bailing someone else out and don’t have complete trust to risk the entire bail amount by using their own valuables as collateral. In such cases, using Henrico Bail Boding makes a lot of sense.

Henrico Bail Bonding can bail you, or your loved one, out anytime in Virginia. We are available 24/7 and will meet you at the jail. Installment payment plans are often available depending on a case by case basis.

Henrico Bail Bonding has over 60 years experience and can help you with all your bail needs.


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