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Frequently Asked Questions About How Bail Bonds Work In Hopewell, Virginia

How long does it take to get a person bailed out from Hopewell, Virginia?

Once Henrico Bail Bonding has been paid the 10% fee we will post the bail with the City of Hopewell jail.  The jail will usually release the person within 2 hours.  If the jail is busy it could take longer.  When we post the bail we will ask the jail how long it will take and they will give us an estimate on how long it will take.

What types of bonds can be used in Hopewell, Virginia?

There are three types of bonds that could be set in Hopewell, Virginia:

  • Personal recognizance. With a personal recognizance bond, the accused person signs a written promise to attend all court hearings, and no monetary amount has to be paid. Personal recognizance bonds are used with less serious offenses.
  • Unsecured bond. An unsecured bond allows a person to be released from jail on the promise to attend court hearings such as a personal recognizance bond. However, the person must agree to pay a certain amount set by the magistrate if he misses any court hearings.
  • Secured bond. A secured bond requires a person to pay a certain amount of money to be released from jail. If the person attends all court hearings, the money will be returned to him. Often, when the judge requires a secured bond, the person or his family will arrange to pay the bond for the accused with a Virginia bail bondsman for a fee—between 10 and 15 percent of the bond. For example, if the secured bond is set at $10,000 and the fee is 10 percent, the bail bondsman would pay the bond to the court once his fee of $1,000 is paid.
How do bail bonds work in Hopewell, Virginia?

If you have been charged with a crime, the police will take you to the police station to be booked. One of your biggest initial concerns is getting out of jail as soon as possible. In Hopewell, Virginia, in most cases, there is a statutory presumption that a person accused of a crime should be released from jail pending his trial unless certain exceptions apply. For example, bail is not generally allowed when a person is charged with murder, rape, kidnapping, and certain drug crimes. That means that there is a good chance that a bond will be set in your case, and you may be released from jail relatively soon after being arrested.

Why should I hire Henrico Bail Bonding to bail a person out of the City of Hopewell jail?

Experience – With over 60 years experience bonding people out of the City of Hopewell jail we have:

1.  Created a great relatioonship with the Hopewell Virginia  jail.

2.  We know how the jail works and what is required to get a person quickly released from the City of Hopewell jail.

Henrico Bail Bonding Is Hopewell, Virginia’s top Rated bail bonds company

What Information Does Henrico Bail Bonding Need?

When calling Henrico Bail Bonding to post bail for a loved one that has been arrested and booked in the City of Hopewell Jail, you will need as much information as possible. The jail is a busy place and any missing information can cause delays. Be ready to provide as much of the below information as possible. Required fields are notated below.

 Required Information

First and last name of arrested person

Jail they are located in

Additional information that is helpful, but not required.

Charges they are arrested on (especially important for bondsman to assess risk)

Booking number (useful if available)

Bail amount (if known, it will speed up the process)

Henrico bail boding Mobile Service

We’ll Meet You At The City of Hopewell Jail.

Having someone you love in the City of Hopewell jail can be overwhelming and stressful.  With our commitment to serving you we, at Henrico Bail Bonding, try to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible for you and your family.  We believe no one should spend one second longer in jail than they have to.  Instead of having you meet us at our office to complete the paperwork and then follow us to the jail, we meet our clients at the Hopewell, Virginia jail.

We strive to work with your budget and financial situation with the different bail services we provide. If you find yourself in trouble or know someone who is, we are the fast and reliable City of Hopewell bail bondsman that you need on your side. For reliable Hopewell, Virginia bail bond service call us day or night, we are open 24/7, and are always ready to help you.

“Stokes has the perfect demeanor for his role as a bondsman. He is professional, calm, and knowledgeable in his field. I have every confidence in his ability to take care of the process in a timely and efficient manner. Personally, I witnessed him going above and beyond in order to assist in what can be an emotional and difficult process. Stokes, keep up the great work and thanks for being there when you were needed.”

—Dave Waller

“I recently had a family situation that required a Bail Bondsman. A friend suggested Henrico Bail Bonding. I called and got an immediate response from Stokes McCune. After taking his daughter home, and he came to the jail. Stokes McCune kept in constant contact with me.  Literally, within 1 hour of calling him he was at the jail. Having never been involved in a situation that required this service I had many more questions about how everything worked. Stokes could not have been nicer and responded to every text within a couple of minutes. I would STRONGLY recommend anyone in need of a Bail Bondsman to absolutely call Henrico Bail Bonding. The level of courteous and professional service I received made a very trying experience much easier.”

—Brandon Chapman